The Sea Hammock

The Sea Hammock was made by the artist Cat Bailey, members of the Reengagement Centre, Aspire, Rotary Portland and the wider community of Portland as a temporary public art piece for the Upwelling Festival Portland, 2011. It’s canopy was made out of 3000 12 pack rings, some recycled nets, rope and twine. The artist’s and community’s work, made from beach flotsam and jetsam, was weaved, sewn and hung from the canopy of the sea-hammock.

The Sea Hammock examines how the local gannet, seal and penguin colonies as well as the other sea-life, which take part in the Bonney Upwelling, such as the krill, whales and sharks are being affected by the flotsam and jetsam.

For example when some biodegradable plastics break down in the ocean they mimic small fish and are ingested by birds, fish, dolphins and seals causing choking, obstructions in their digestive tracts and sometimes starvation. Some plastics also leach toxins into the sea as well as poison the food chain.

For a more detailed description of the making of the sea hammock please take a look at the artist blog –

The project ‘The Sea Hammock’ was made possible by the Australian Governments regional arts program, the Regional Arts Fund, which gives all Australians, wherever they live, better access to opportunities to practise and experience the arts. The Regional Arts Fund is administered in Victoria by Regional Arts Victoria.


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