Falling – coming to a wall near you.



This beautifully executed work work is by Frank Makin. He is in year 7 at the Portland Reengagement Centre, Portland, Victoria. He did a pretty amazing jump in order for someone to get the photo of the pose he wanted. He is  a naturally gifted painter and i really enjoyed watching him work. He was very focused. To me it looks like he is free-falling in space, from a great height.

Jared jumping from high

Jared jumping from high

Two young artists worked on this paste up. One was Jared Bourke and the other talent was Brandon Higgins. Both are from The Reengagement Centre Portland, Victoria. They worked in a team, projecting and painting. And the results suggest they enjoyed the process. Its a pretty amazing work which captures the freedom of jumping.

Maddox jumping from high

Maddox jumping from high

This life size work was executed by Maddox Windmer and Corey Prederch. They did some excellent freeform drawing to get the arms in the right position. Well done Maddox and Corey. Knees are in landing position.

Soon it will be time to pop these images on a wall. So watch out Portland for some wild, sky diving, free-falling images made by a group of guys between 12-14 years old. Coming to a wall near you.

wallart near Utopian Slumps

wallart near Utopian Slumps

The students at the Reengagement Center were inspired by these works. One from outside the gallery Utopian Slumps in Melbourne and the other image came from the net. Sadly I have lost the link. Big thanks to these artists whoever and where ever you are.

online image of inspiring graffiti art

online image of inspiring graffiti art

Thanks to the Teachers Chris Thomas and Kara Young for their enthusiasm and support over the last few weeks and to Vicki for her assistance as well.

Cheers Cat Bailey



    • Lovely to hear from you. Enjoyed your exhibition page. (http://artistatexit0.wordpress.com/2013/08/22/the-7-borders-at-kmac/) Some pretty diverse work. I found your views “Many of the artworks in “The 7 Borders” reference issues born of local conditions and landscapes and gain a certain power by not being made for strictly commercial reasons” to be particularly relevant to our area to. It makes a difference to me as a viewer how genuine a work is and how much it speaks to the original energy in an artist. And how much nature is referenced. Isolation has its advantages.
      In answer to your question I have an established relationship with the Reengagement Centre and this very short project started as a volunteer one after some of the students wanted to do a bit of art but their centre is funded for numeracy and literacy only. Pretty short-sighted of educational funding when you can pick up all kinds of learning skills from problem solving to team work. Anyway finding something that appeals immediately (to assist in focus and motivation) is what lead to these paste-ups. Yep I did facilitate the project with quite a bit of support from the amazing teachers at the Reengagement Centre. The local sportstore has donated a wall for any projects I do in the next year or so. Which is fantastic and generous. Looking forward to your next post.

      • Thanks Cat. It sounds like my country shares some educational shortcomings with yours. I totally agree about art making being such a problem solving and interdisciplinary area of study. More and more I’m encountering artists who really have given up on trying to find a niche in the marketplace. Ironically, I see this as potentially being very invigorating for art because the resulting work produced seems created out of real inner necessity.

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