12/12 – the exhibition

The 12/12 annual exhibition endeavours to celebrate and bring awareness to nature, in particular the natural environment in the South West Victoria, creating a visual dialogue, around the very broad theme of environmental change. The objectives of this exhibition are to provide a creative, non-commercial and explorative environment, for emerging and mid career artists, from Sydney and the South West, to create innovative work related to the theme.

This year’s 12/12 exhibition, co-curated by Cat Bailey and Sandra Winkworth, will focus on work made out of installation, printmaking and fibre and textiles from regional artists such as Carmel Wallace, Heather Richardson, Cherree Densley, Melinda Holtz, Cat Bailey, Tina Biggs, Megan Jarrett, Oriel Glennen, Sarah Bowe, Kellie Frankland and Deb Saunders. Printmaking work from award winning artists such as Sandra Winkworth, Angela Hayson, Nikolaus Dolman and Brooke Thompson from Sydney, will be featured along with videos from Colleen Hughson, from Warrnambool and two-time winner of the Qantas Soya Awards and Sony world photography Awards Finalist Joshua Heath, from Sydney. There will also an installation in the Marine Discovery Centre.

Opening night is on Thursday the 12/12/2013 at the Portland Art Centre, as part of the Glenelg Shire Arts Program. So get your big girl’s blouse on and come and see what kind of art is produced when an artist lives between a paddock and the sea.

For more news go to https://www.facebook.com/twelvetwelvetwenty12

or you can check out the artists webpages

Here is slideshow of last years awesome works of art related to the theme. Really big thanks to the artists for participating.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This exhibition is the brainchild of Artist Cat Bailey and in 2012, she co-curated the exhibition 12/12/ Environmental Change – A Visual Response, with Sydney Artist Sandra Winkworth. (http://www.facebook.com/sandra.winkworth.3). In 12/12 the show was opened by Gareth Colliton, from the Warrnambool Gallery, and supported for a small grant by C.E.M.A.


  1. Great to see all these images and learn about new artists. Funny how the curatorial spirit is near the artistic one is so many creative people! Best of luck with this recent project.

  2. Hey thanks. I can’t curate clothes or my house but oddly I’m ok with artwork. They are a pretty awesome bunch of artists – photos did not really do them justice.

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