Hanging Nylon Bag Installation

Hanging Nylon Bag  Installation

Hanging Nylon Bag Installation

The last few years art has been dedicated to a fixation i have about plastics in the marine environment. I see plastic and its effects everyday I walk along the beach. And as you know from previous work I enjoy a plastic bag to draw on.

Everything in this installation was found on the beach. Its about 3m x 3m. Seems a shipping container containing Nylon bags may have washed over the side of a ship maybe? Blue and Southern Right Whales in the area have no way of avoiding this kind of rubbish washing into their huge mouths. A dead whale was recently found with 6 metres of plastic in its stomach. And although I’m deeply, deeply frustrated about marine pollution I have to confess to really enjoying making this work even though I have “anti-sew” stapled on my forehead as a consequence of playing up in sewing classes with the nuns. The best I could do in home-economics as they called it then was a tea cosy when everyone else knitted a jumper.

OK so to be Miss Proactive Pants I make art, hold community art exhibitions on the topic, give art workshops about plastic to local schools and organise introduction of products which save plastic in school lunches. Here is a fabulous site about art and plastics a friend recently sent me.




  1. Your installation is a nice use of this waste plastic and the link you provide is a good one. I’ve noticed that most of the artists who are calling attention to plastic waste are doing so at the edges of the oceans. I really haven’t come across many artists working along a major river in the interior of a continent. I mention this because so much waste plastic reaches the oceans via the rivers. It seems to me that the people best educated and concerned about the plastic issue live near the beaches.

  2. Hi Al. Great to hear from you. I’ve been a bit web absent over the Christmas period. Yes i have not heard of many artists, like yourself, bringing awareness to plastic in rivers. I have noted the sad presence of styrofoam in our local river though. you’d possibly feel inspired. I think in Australia by far most of the population lives on the coast. So the focus is the sea. I lived on a river called the Colo River once upon a time. It was known as the cleanest river in New South Wales. So clean in fact I used to watch platypuses in it. And now I canoe on the Glenelg River in Victoria. Occasionally I am lucky to have a rare sighting of platypus there too. But we are miles from a city in these parts. So the level of pollution is small in comparison to your mighty River.

  3. Cat, it sounds so fantastic to have seen wild platypuses in the river! The rivers you mentioned had me looking at a map of Australia. I was sorry to hear that you have found junk in your waterways too. I much prefer being inspired by the sight of a platypus.

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