The Virtual Arboretum Portland, Australia (Pilot Project)

The Virtual Arboretum Portland, Australia
Project concept, initiation, facilitation and management Cat Bailey.

Happy to announce a new project is now underway.

The Virtual Arboretum Portland is a regional partnership project to create a contemporary, responsive experience to Portland’s natural environment. Artists Sandra Winkworth, Colleen Hughson, Carmel Wallace and Catherine Bailey will each research and create a unique, dynamic, site-specific performance, installation or video responding to the immediate surrounds or socio/historical/environmental aspects of the trees and green spaces in the town of Portland, Victoria.  (All artists responded to the space in the Portland Botanical Gardens)

The original work (Might be multi Channel/Installation/photos) plus video and photographic documentation (for single channel viewing) will have an open-air Launch for the public, in a one off, twilight event in March 2015, at the Portland Botanical Gardens. These works will then be uploaded to a website created for the project, called The Virtual Arboretum Portland for sustained and continual public access and archival purposes. Smart Phone technology will be used to scan QR codes linking to the website. These will be printed on postcards, along with a map detailing where the artworks were originally inspired in the town.

* The project The Virtual Arboretum Portland was made possible by the Australian Governments regional arts program, the Regional Arts Fund, which gives all Australians, wherever they live, better access to opportunities to practise and experience the arts. The Regional Arts Fund is administered in Victoria by Regional Arts Victoria.

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