Installation Dec 2012 -2013

The works Budgies in a Coalmine, Falling of a Perch and Walking on 100 Rare Australian Bird Eggshells reflect the fragility of the environment and the effects of habitat destruction on indigenous bird, mammal and plant species.

Mary in the Meat Locker examines a time when the colonisers, like my Great-Grandparents, had meat lockers. It examines their relationship to meat production in comparison to today, the effects of habitat shrinkage due to the demand for meat and the incapacity of colonisers and ourselves to engage with the bush tucker surrounding us.

It is the use of wall collage or the street art technique of paste-ups that I would like to incorporate and explore more in a series of installations responding to the Warrnambool Botanic Gardens.

This work was made specifically for the exhibition 12/12/2012 Environmental Change – A Visual Response. For a brief explanation go to


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