Media Release for The Sea Creatures Street Art Project

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Media Release for The Sea Creatures Street Art Project,
written by Ms Danita Smith. Teacher. Narrawong District Primary School.

Who: Students and teachers from Narrawong District Primary School and artist Catherine Bailey

What: The Sea Creatures Street Art Project (Paste-up mural made with street art techniques). Possibly the largest paste-up, of its kind, in the State.

Where: On Sportspower wall in alleyway between Elijah’s Sportspower and Beach Hut Pizza, in Bentinck Street, Portland. Victoria. Australia

When: Launch – Upwelling Festival Portland, Saturday 1st November, 2014. Come and meet students and artist at the Upwelling Festival Parade, at approximately 11am.


The Sea Creatures Street Art Project by Narrawong District Primary School and Artist Catherine Bailey, featured in the Upwelling Festival, Portland, 2014.

Students from years 2-6 have been participating in an art project that began on April 22nd and will conclude on November 1st at the Upwelling Festival Portland. We have had the pleasure of working on this educational project with local artist Catherine Bailey, as part of the ‘Artist in Schools’ scheme, which is a Victorian Government initiative, supported by Arts Victoria and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD).

Students have experimented widely with brush technique and paint application, using street art and traditional painting techniques. They have used projecting, stenciling and free form drawing and painting to arrive at imagery, after researching the history of cultural and contemporary influences upon art.

Teams of students have worked together to enlarge images of creatures involved in the Bonny Upwelling using photographic and multimedia technologies while others have jig-sawed smaller, multiple sea creature images onto larger ones. The processes learned and skills developed are culminating in a paste up mural in the alleyway between Beach Hut Pizza and Elijah’s Sportspower, in Bentinck Street.

Children’s art work made in response to studying Indian miniature paintings will be displayed in the front window of Beach House Pizza for the weekend of the Upwelling Festival.

The Sea Creatures Street Art Project also impacted on other aspects of student learning. They have investigated ideas relevant to Marine Stewardship such as having a sustainable relationship with the Ocean and the impacts of humans on the seabird and marine life. To investigate the making of the mural by artist Catherine Bailey and the students of Narrawong District Primary School please see the blog

“Artists in Schools – A Victorian Government Initiative”


    • I’m pretty sure bits of the mural will stay up for about 18 months – 2 years – depending on the weather and how well the paper adhered to the wall. Where the paper is thin then it can weather off in about 3 months or less. The wall was porous and mossy so I used a product called boncrete which acts as a sealant and adhesive.

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