Shedding a Light on Orford – see more images associated with the project

The Shedding a Light on Orford Project is a land based art project, funded by the Moyne Shire’s Pitch Project in Southern Victoria, involving the creation of physical and virtual pathways, created over huge tracts of land, in the shape of various local endangered plant and animal species. These pathways are recorded on a mobile phone app, whilst being physically walked in the land. The final work is a large outdoor dusk installation involving the land based images created on the app, juxtaposed against 50 recycled plastic bags with hand-drawn glow in the dark images of local indigenous food sources. Community members engage with the project by playing a form of hide and seek, searching for the plastic, glow in the dark bags in bush.

The Orford Community also created glow in the dark paving in collaboration with artist Catherine Bailey as well as a Neon Light in the Town’s name to light the way to the community hall.

People consulted  for research for this project were;
People of Orford and district such as Fran, Bert, Dan, Janelle Baulch and Trisha Riodan
David Pitts | Biodiversity Officer | Environment & Natural Resources
Lauren Pitts from Natures Trust
Peter Carrucan – Pallisters Reserve
Jo Grant from Regional Arts Victoria
Susie Lyons From the Moyne Pitch Project
Craig Midgley Small Towns Community Planning Moyne Shire

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      • Have not heard of Qi Gong before, so there is something to look up! Life in styrofoamville has been interesting. This past Spring and Summer, I have concentrated more on plastic bottle and container assemblages.

      • Well I ‘d better get online then and see for myself. Qi Gong predates Tai Chi. Walking Meditation. Always good to hear from you. Oh by the way I have listen to an online radio station occasionally when i paint called ART Fm “sculpting in frequency”….is that around you?

      • We do have a public radio station called ArtXFM that various local creatives host different programs. I have been on a couple of those programs under the different hats I where around here. Louisville has among the strongest public radio presences in our country.

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