Art and Soul

The Art and Soul Workshop is back again!

In this workshop we will develop an artistic vision.  No matter how big or small our creative intentions and goals, this workshop will provide some practical awareness around what we need to do to achieve them. We will draw from creative and meditative exercises to assist us in developing new attitudes towards our art practices and address unhelpful habits holding us back. This will involve writing, visual journaling, painting or clay work to get you on your way.

These workshops have evolved from my experience as an artist, the Atelier Studio Method from the National Art School and meditative practices and techniques handed down from my Qi Gong Teacher Li Ying. Please bring a dream from sleep or reality.

Who:         For artists/writers/creatives/anyone interested in exploring their creativity

Price:         $80 or $50 concessional rate.

Date:          Saturday 5th September, 2020

Time:        10 am-1pm (3 hours)

Location:  Zoomland

Call or text Cat Bailey on 0448 477 111 if you are interested in participating.

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